Regulatory Toolkit for the Palestinian Authority (2008)


New Approaches to Telecommunications Policy II (2005-2008; with Frontier Economics and Clifford Chance)


European Commission


Following a long period of standstill, the Ministry of Telecommunications in the Palestinian Authority is now picking up the establishment of a regulatory authority. In co-ordination with the World Bank, we developed a program of assistance for training the group of employees of the Ministry and the private sector in a broad range of key regulatory issues. During the workshop, we also take stock of the need for follow up assistance including bylaws and regulations. We drafted a general policy statement outlining the roadmap to liberalization and development of the regulatory framework of the Palestine Authority. We also drafted an “emergency package” of regulations as a basic toolkit for the Palestine Authority to kick off the regulation of the liberalized telecommunications markets, including interconnection regulation, cost accounting, dispute resolution, sanctions and anticompetitive behaviour.