About us

General Information

Regulaid is a consultancy firm specialising in offering advice and assistance in regulatory affairs.

Several things make Regulaid special:

Regulaid consultants all have hands-on experience working in or for a regulatory authority. With Regulaid consultants, you will never have to spend time explaining your consultant the special requirements of good regulation.

Some Facts

• Regulaid consultants come from various European countries, such as the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Greece, Spain, Ireland and the Czech Republic; as well as non-European countries including Canada, South Africa and Lebanon; Countries with a tradition in developing “good regulation”, building independent regulatory institutions and making regulatory policy based on merits, not political or special interest protection.

• Most Regulaid consultants have worked in international co-operation of regulators and/or regulatory projects outside their countries, giving them a unique understanding of the value of international pluriformity of markets and public policy.

• Together, the Regulaid consultants cover the entire range of aspects that come into regulating markets. For very specific additional aspects, Regulaid teams up with highly qualified other consultancy or law firms.

• Regulaid will not just provide a document, but can give hands-on assistance in implementation.

Further information

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