Samples of bilateral assistance to regulators (2005-2008)


New Approaches to Telecommunications Policy II (2005-2008; with Frontier Economics and Clifford Chance)


European Commission


In the course of the NATP-II project we have assisted the regulatory authorities of the Mediterranean region in many bilateral technical assistance projects. We list a sample of these many projects:

  • Bilateral assistance to the Tunisian regulator in analyzing (necessary improvements of) its powers and training the compliance skills Bilateral assistance to the Egyptian regulator in analyzing the need for cost accounting practices and drafting a policy report
  • Bilateral assistance to the Jordan regulator in improving its co-operation with the Competition Authority and in improving its Dispute resolution skills.
  • Bilateral assistance to the Moroccan regulator in kicking off its policy development in internet safety regulation.
  • Bilateral assistance to the Algerian regulator in analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the legal expert function in its organization
  • Bilateral assistance to the Turkish regulator in interconnection regulation and proportionality of remedies
  • Bilateral assistance to the Israeli Ministry of Communication and the State Committee chaired by Prof.Gronau to review the Israeli regulatory framework and introduce services-based competition through a market of wholesale access services.